Best online course to learn AI

AI For Everyone (Coursera)

Andrew Ng, a Stanford University professor, created the program which has witnessed the enrollment of several learners and executives from the entire world. The program provides a preface of the main concepts, which include machine learning and data science leading to its high ranking.

The students can learn at their planned schedule and set deadlines according to their preferences, hence enhancing flexibility. After registration, the online classes commences instantly with a duration of approximately 2-3 hours every week for four weeks to cover the entire program. The course favors all levels ranging from the beginner tier to the experts and enrolls not only the engineers but also the non-technical personnel.

Artificial Intelligence Certification By Columbia University

All topic subtitles are available in several languages such as Chinese, English, Arabic, Thai, Japanese, and Spanish, which enhances accessibility by different nationalities across the globe. The freedom of language choice, together with the comprehensive, coherent, and intuitive explanation techniques, facilitates a quick understanding of the information.

The program promotes the acquisition of several skills such as workflow of the data science projects, the workflow of the machine learning projects, artificial intelligence terminologies, and the strategies.

Artificial Intelligence Certification By Columbia University (edX)

Artificial Intelligence (Northwestern | Kellog School

In the program, enhancement of the proficiency in artificial intelligence is through several assignments and lectures. They aim at the provision of comprehensive and reliable knowledge about the reference principles of AI. It stresses both the theory and the practical part of the studies hence providing a strong foundation for the students to apply the lessons in real-world scenarios. The exposure to the core problems during the course maximizes the chances of getting job interviews and promotions due to the increased marketability.

The duration of the course is approximately 12 weeks, with 8 to 10 hours per week, and there is a subdivision of the classes into quarters, along with their demonstrations. Usage of videos as a teaching technique enhances understanding of the basic concepts irrespective of their complexity. The extensive instructions enhance more straightforward navigation through the application software to get the knowledge needed in several fields, such as vision and physical simulations.

Artificial Intelligence (Northwestern | Kellog School Of Management)

Best online course to learn AI

The course ensures the provision of students with the appropriate strategies that apply knowledge of artificial intelligence to tackle all the challenges experienced within the business structure. There is a detailed explanation of the application techniques of AI to several industries and the possible effects on the industry operations. Provision of the tools necessary in problem- solving enhances the performance of the learners within the organization and increases their marketability.

There is coverage of eight comprehensive modules in four months, with classes taking 4-6 hours every week. The flexible payment procedure of the program fee and the establishment of a unique group enrollment pricing caters for everybody regardless of the financial status. Implementation of teaching techniques such as live training sessions, case studies, peer learning, and real-world applications enables the learner to understand the need for artificial intelligence in industries and enterprise value chain.

All executives and managers initiating the implementation of artificial intelligence and data analytics in their organizations are fit to enroll for the program. It also favors career professionals and investors with the desire to learn about the current changes in artificial intelligence. There are regular assessments to ensure maximum utilization of the program in knowledge acquisition and the issuance of a certificate as a sign of course completion.

Artificial Intelligence: Business Strategies And Applications (Berkeley ExecEd)

The online course covers two months, with each lesson taking 4-6 hours every week. There is the consideration of the financial status of each learner through the provision of a biddable fee payment scheme. Everybody can enroll in the program regardless of technical background since it focuses on the provision of a basic understanding of artificial intelligence and its role in the business sector.

There are eight modules within the program that aims at providing adequate knowledge on the application of artificial intelligence in the business environment. An assessment at the end of the course determines the ability of the learner to handle business projects that require the application of AI. The certification proves to the organization management that the student is a reliable resource in maximization of the business performance through the use of AI.